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Thesis - AI in Design
Graz (Österreich)
Aktualität: 14.06.2024


14.06.2024, AVL List GmbH
Graz (Österreich)
Thesis - AI in Design
Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most present and fastest-growing technologies within the industry. For this reason, it is essential to get a comprehensive understanding, how the existing work progress and methodologies will be affected. The AVL PTE design process comprises general description of the design tasks including its main design deliverables (such as documentation & specification, 3D geometry, 2D drawings, DMU or BoM). These tasks follow a specific process, and their deliverables are subject to a specific traceable lifecycle. For this process we want to explore the possibilities for AI support in order to accelerate, simplify and increase efficiency and reliability. Evaluation of the AVL design process for potential for AI applications Assessment of these potential use cases and their impact on the design process Market research and benchmarking of commercially existing, AI-based tools Evaluate software companies' plans for medium- and long-term AI software offerings in this area Rate the outcome together with our internal specialists and external software development partners
Ongoing bachelor studies in the field of AI & Data Science, -basics, -management and -applications, AI Technologies and Processing, Data Engineering, Product design and developments processes or similar Interest in the field of AI and the mentioned tasks Good basic technical understanding and abstraction skills Basic knowledge of data science and artificial intelligence beneficial Good communication and organization skills